Benefits of DAFZA business setup

dafza freezone in dubai

Benefits of DAFZA business setup

The DAFZA (Dubai Airport Freezone Authority) is a governing entity that offers company licenses and corporate businesses for incoming and outcoming product trading operations in the Dubai freezone area.

The products being covered to be imported or exported from Dubai belong in various categories, ranging from petroleum to even beauty products. If you have plans to launch a business with product trading operations, performing a DAFZA company set-up should be your main option. Here are some privileges you will reap by doing a DAFZA set-up:

Ownership status

If you want to obtain a full ownership status as a foreign business/investor, you can do it by operating in a free zone area like this. And the good news is that there is no obligation to have a UAE national partner like LLC businesses to obtain full ownership under this area.

Tax Benefits

Unlike other nations, you are not obliged to pay any taxes or duties to the UAE government, including among others: federal taxes, corporate taxes, income taxes, etc. You will also be allowed to repatriate capital and revenues as well as enjoy tax disclaimers.

Geographical position

The geographical position of the DAFZA area which is next to the main Dubai airport makes it ideal for trading operations like shipping, cargo clearance, obtaining goods, etc much faster than other zones because of the existence of a Dubai Customs Office within the zone.

Company facilities

Within the freezone, you will be granted access to advanced technology office facilities including but not limited to meeting and logistic spaces to cover all your corporate operation requirements. The meeting rooms are equipped with presentation screens and tools, and inside the buildings you will also find company lounge and lecture rooms among other office spaces. Catering services are also available within the freezone area upon request.

Lifestyle and Entertainment facilities

Apart from business spaces and facilities, within the freezone you will also find lifestyle and entertainment spaces like food courts, vehicle rentals, heath centers, sport centers, etc. All of these facilities can be accessed easily when necessary.

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