DMCC – The hub of commodity trading in Dubai

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre DMCC

DMCC – The hub of commodity trading in Dubai

In DUBAI/UAE the number of free zones available for corporate activities exceeds 20, with multiple business areas being covered. The commodities business field is covered and operated by DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), a body that has been awarded by Financial Times FDI Magazine as the Global Free Zone of the Year, for the year 2015.

Any business that is seeking to operate in commodity trading field in Dubai while still maintaining complete offshore ownership could only operate under the DMCC governed free zone. You can still establish an LLC company but the ownership status won’t be full unless you UAE national company. So operating in DMCC is the best option for this case.

Info about DMCC

DMCC is a trade center of various commodities like gold, diamonds, pearls, tea, metals and others. The tax benefits like acquiring of full ownership status, capital repatriation and zero corporate income tax make a heaven for start-up companies.

Because DMCC is the only area for commodity trading in Dubai UAE, any businesses that work under DMCC are continuously receiving new info through educational and workshop events held on a monthly basis. These educational and networking events constitute the main part of the “Knowledge Series” program which is established to help support business development in the area. The strong regulatory structures with global business standards provide easy and uncomplicated processes within a atmosphere the preserves safety. The area has many types of residential and commercial properties available for purchasing or leasing procedures.

Adam Global is a close associate of the free zone with the aim to make DMCC business set-up as easy and hassle free as possible. To obtain more info on our services and how we can help you set-up your business under DMCC, don’t hesitate to enquire us via our contact form online.

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