Getting familiar with DMCC

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Getting familiar with DMCC

Trading of commodities has been a major benchmark in Dubai’s trading records and with the passage of years, Dubai has managed to become one of the greatest trading centers in the Middle East region. Consequently, the introduction of a freezone has been made to develop trading operations further. This major freezone for trading is known as DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

Dubai is ideal for carrying out trading operations because of its prestige geographical location found in the crossroads of three continents: Africa, Europe and Asia. Dubai has worthily gained a status as one of the most important trading destinations in the world. This is the reason why Dubai has enjoyed immense financial growth over the last few years. This growth has been further supported by Expo 2020 bid win, which has encouraged the arrival of more investment firms in the city. Without a doubt, the city enjoys a wealthy status, which was enhanced by the creation of freezones like DMCC. Within this zone, companies can reap privileges like high-tech and flexible office spaces and freehold property areas, forming an ideal business atmosphere for both local and foreign companies as well as residences of the area.

Trading activities are also supported by a trustworthy network of support and flexible legal structures. One of the most primary legal privileges companies can enjoy in the freezone of Dubai is the zero corporate taxes and obtainment of full company ownership status as well as complete repatriation of capital. The business activities are further enhanced by corporate events, seminars, clubs, and education workshops educating companies in new business development matters and legal standards.

While there is a wide range of trading goods, the most common ones in the area feature among others: Gold, Diamonds, Metals, Tea, Pearls, and Agro materials.

FREEZONE CONSULTING is a close partner with the freezone area and takes actions to make the transition of a business to DMCC area easier. If you need any additional info on our services and how we can help you develop your corporate operations in DMCC, get in touch with is today!

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