Ajman Free Zone Offers Convenient Way To Begin A Business

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Ajman Free Zone Offers Convenient Way To Begin A Business

Although it’s got a rich past, there have been a number of overhauls made to the offers for the Ajman free zone’s international investors. Besides offering companies executive offices or flexi-desks, the AFZA has purchased new warehouses adjacent to the Ajman port.
However, that’s not all!

The Ajman free zone rises above other free zones. Why? It’s the first free zone within UAE that formally allows multiple installment payment plans to set up and maintain companies.

For instance, you decide you’d like to own a General Trading company. In order to do this, you need to know that a flexi-desk company cost around 27,150 AED… money you’d have pay upfront. However, if you don’t have this kind of cash lying around, you can opt to pay the amount off in installment. After the deposit is made from the first installment, you’ll attain your license, open your bank account and begin working.

The Ajman Free Zone demands post-dated checks to be deposited on the day you choose to form your business. This could be a major inconvenience for foreign investors that opt for the multiple payment installments but have no checkbook. What can they do?

The only surefire way to address the issue is to use the checks of someone you know that lives in the UAE. They need to give the free zone their NOC and work alongside you for the company registration.

After the license is issued for your company and you’ve established a bank account, you can start using the company checks instead of the checks of your friend. Bear in mind there is an additional 250 AED per check for this option.

While everybody may not be suited for the installment plan for the mere fact of turning in all checks on the first day, it’s ideally the cheapest way to begin a business for people who already have a checkbook.

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